Jay Reilly

VP International Sales, Precisely

Over the past 20+ years Jay has worked with Fortune 500 companies globally helping them unlock the potential of data and use it to understand and drive their key business metrics. Specifically for the last 5 years with Precisely and Infogix he has enabled customers with their data governance and quality programmes and in using data analytics to connect to specific business outcomes. Before that he spent 15 years with financial services, telecom, utility and retail customers helping them deploy SaaS products, enabling businesses to design, execute and measure proactive customer contact campaigns for a variety of marketing, customer care, and collection and payment processes.


O Nas

CDO Forum Club to miejsce wymiany doświadczeń dla profesjonalistów od danych, którzy muszą być w swoich organizacjach apostołami poważnego podejścia do tematu DATA.


Weronika Warpas

+48 570 611 811

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