Gemma Morén

Senior Director, Data & Analytics, Data Management, Procter & Gamble

Gemma Moren leads for Procter & Gamble Master Data Management within the Data Management Organization. Gemma joined Procter & Gamble twenty years ago in Spain. Just before that she started her data journey while working as Researcher in the Space Laboratory of Helsinki University of Technology writing algorithms for European Space Agency. She has been working and living in several countries around Europe leading a variety of IT projects and organizations. Main focus during all her career has been around transforming the business through data and IT, touching very different areas like manufacturing plants enabling automation via SAP and other technologies; driving decisions on sales customer teams through analytics; or digitizing the way a country leadership team is leveraging data while she was IT leader for Spain & Portugal. Now she is based in Poland where P&G has +150 IT professionals working on Data & Analytics.

O Nas

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Weronika Warpas

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