Aisan Baird

Senior Director, Precisely

Aisan is a Senior Director at Precisely who leads the EMEA and APAC Sales Engineering teams.
His responsibilities include identifying technology market trends, current and future business requirements, the alignment of those observations with Precisely’s product portfolio and working with customers to ensure value and competitive advantages are gained with our Data Integrity solution.

Where technology innovation or alignment of product to market trends is required, he is responsible for defining and working closely with internal stakeholders to bring to market, relevant modules with unique differentiators.

Aisan has worked in Data Integrity for over twenty years and has seen and actively participated in the accelerating evolution of this evolving discipline. He has worked with some of the largest organisations in EMEA, US and Asia Pacific across various verticals, solving a range of Data Integrity Challenges.

Aisan has led the Sales Engineering function for the last five years and has actively participated in a number of key acquisitions to support and secure Precisely’s market leading position in Data Integrity.

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