Goldenore is uniquely specialised in solutions and technologies used for real-time data integration, replication and distribution, providing access to distributed data in any organisation regardless of where such data is stored.

We specialise in Data Fabric solutions designed to facilitate access to any data in an organisation to enable self-service use regardless of the architecture, processes, tools or topology in place. We ensure that data is retrieved, catalogued, classified and made available to users in line with their privileges (Data Governance), transforming and aligning it with the company’s existing applications for the purposes reporting, analysis and artificial intelligence (AI). Data Fabric involves automatic detection, supervision and optimal use of data, enabling companies to maximise their potential and monetise value.
With the right tools, technologies and the know-how generated over the years, Goldenore can design, implement and maintain an innovative data-driven IT architecture and support companies in their digital transformation towards a "Data Driven Company".

Goldenore has been in business for 10 years and has a track record of multiple successful projects implemented in sectors such as banking, finance, telecom, insurance, logistics, retail and e-commerce, as well as the industrial sector and public administration.

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Weronika Warpas

+48 570 611 811

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